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was able to establish strategic partnerships with a number of global enterprises for provision of the electronic file and health systems (his).

through mutual technical cooperation with such companies, the company was able to implement and apply these medical software through king faisal specialist hospital staff who are known for their expertise in this field.

the software are distributed after being developed and adapted at king faisal 

specialist hospital & research center to cater for the needs of the saudi market.

the company was successful in attracting the first project in the information technology field during the first quarter of 2014 g.

under the project, an agreement was signed with al-darah hospital in riyadh for selling his licenses.

The technical team of the company will supervise the installation and implementation of the fully integrated system of the project further to the management of the service system during the operation phase.

the company, as well, was able to establish partnerships with the top it specialized companies to strengthen its provided service, like but not limited to.

nuance voice recognition solutions, dell, and hp. on the other hand, the company is currently focusing on their belief in the it role to serve the healthcare sector by finalizing other agreements and partnerships aiming to raise the quality and management standards which at the end will benefit the patients.

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Genetics Tests

This Is A Company-owned Laboratory Specializing In Genetics, and Genetic identity (fingerprint). It Is Capable Of Conducting 154 Types Of Lab Tests With New Tests Added to The List Every Year

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Reference Laboratory The Saudi Diagnostics Holding Company (SDL) Markets, To Both The Government And Private Sectors, The services Of This Laboratory Of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center In Riyadh Read more

Health Care IT Solution

Saudi Diagnostics was Able To Establish Strategic Partnerships With A Number Of Global Enterprises For Provision Of The Electronic File And Health Systems (HIS). Through Mutual Technical Cooperation

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Business Representative

Saudi Diagnostics Acting as a business representative of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in the establishment of joint ventures for all proven research works

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